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"It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future."

--William Murtagh, first Keeper of the National Register for Historic Places

April in Talladega exists to showcase our city's rich history and the architecture unique to our three National Historic Districts, while promoting a sense of community and sharing its uniqueness. This event has been in existence for 40 plus years and all proceeds are used for historic preservation purposes. These monies have been used for restoration of the Ritz Theater facade and sign, improvement of facades of the Ritz's adjacent buildings, enhancements to the Chamber of Commerce building, restoration and exhibits at Heritage Hall, improvements to the Hall of Heroes, tree planting projects in the historic district, home owner grants programs, and improvements to Palmer Place.

There are few places that have the history that we have here in Talladega, from the founding of our town with the history of the Creek Indians and Andrew Jackson, to its plantation antebellum days, to the founding of Talladega College by former slaves, to its fame with the Chautaqua Performing Arts time at the turn of the century and the hub that Talladega was for the state of Alabama as 22 trains a day came through town. We have much to show off, talk about, and of which to be proud!

Join April in Talladega for their yearly April tour of historic properties in our community!

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